The Sn2 Trains web site is a companion site for Sn2_Trains yahoogroup.

Sn2 Trains is a site for S-scale Two-foot gauge modeling railroading.

The primary focus of the site is for modeling inspired by the 5 Maine Two-Foot gauge railroads:  Monson, KC, WW&F, B&SR, and SR&RL.  The majority of modelers presented on this site use HOn3 (9mm) for a track gauge.  If you like the free-lanced modeling of Dave Frary and Bob Hayden, the Gilpin (mining), industrial, or international 2-foot modeling, you’ll find that kind of inspiration too.

The site supports RSS feeds.  Please consider subscribing, so that you can follow along with the happings of Sn2 model railroading.  If you do not know what an RSS feed is, please look at this youtube video by model railroad hobbyist.  It explains it all.


RSS feeds are the way to go!  It’s like subscribing to a model railroad magazine with something new to read every day….

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