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Progress on SR&RL Strong Depot and Caboose…

Recently, Harry Downey has converted from HOn30 to Sn2. He has not yet started building a layout. He has started working no building models. Two of his first are a Banta SR&RL Strong Depot and a Mount Blue 556 Caboose.

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Sn2 Report – 2011 NNGC in Hickory, NC

Reporting on all things Sn2…. Sn2 Crew The Sn2 Crew attended the 2011 National Narrow Gauge Convention in Hickory, NC. The Sn2 Free-mo layout was setup by Lee Rainey, Frank Knight, Gary Carmichael, and David Keith. This was the first … Continue reading

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Sn2 WW&F Box Car Kits from Mount Blue Model Co.

The web site of Mount Blue Co. now indicates WW&F boxcars #303 and #309 can be ordered.  This is wonderful news… When asked if these cars were unique on the WW&F roster, some stated so. However, Frank Knight contributed the … Continue reading

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Sn2 SR&RL 556-558 Caboose Kits

Sn2 SR&RL 556-558 Caboose Kits Mount Blue began producing the SR&RL 556-558 cabooses for Train and Trooper about 2-3 years ago.  Now Mount Blue is selling them direct. You can find these cabooses here on the Mount Blue Web site: … Continue reading

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Sn2 SR&RL Decals from Mount Blue

Mount Blue is now producing its decals in Sn2.  At this date, these include SR&RL Boxcars, Flatcars and Toolcar. You can find them at the following page.

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