Sn2 Report – 2011 NNGC in Hickory, NC

Reporting on all things Sn2….

Sn2 Crew

The Sn2 Crew attended the 2011 National Narrow Gauge Convention in Hickory, NC.

Don Rigling of Cincinnati, OH operates Bigelow yard

The Sn2 Free-mo layout was setup by Lee Rainey, Frank Knight, Gary Carmichael, and David Keith. This was the first showing of Gary’s Randolph, ME module, the prototype was on the Kennebec Central Railroad. Lee, Frank, and Dave brought the same modules as they had in St. Louis for the 2010 NNGC.

Looking into the "U". Frank Knight's loop modules for the end points of the mainline. Head Tide church on the far loop is new.

This was the first time the layout had been setup in this configuration. The layout was “U” shape main line going loop to loop and short branch to Bigelow. The main line operation was under computer control setup by Frank Knight. David Keith switched trains on the branch in Bigelow.

Sn2 Crew setup for 2011 NNGC in Hickory, NC. Click on image for full size...

Like usual, I failed to get as many photos as I’d have liked. I even failed to take video which worked so well in Portland in 2007. The photos I did take were overall photos, not specific to any one scene. They are shared here to give you an idea of the layout.

Looking at the closed end of the loop. Gary's coal dock at Randoph is just visible at right. The serpentine nature of the layout is apparent here.

Thanks to our family and friends who whelped us setup and teardown the layout. It’s great to have such support…

Lee Rainey chats with a spectator at his free-lanced Head Tide. Many stopped to look at the gardens. Lee has been foresting his curved modules near to view. Viewers were able to walk into the branch area, but were required to say outside the "U" where Lee is standing.

Mount Blue

Mount Blue had test cuts of the SR&RL 104 series box cars in Sn2.  Ken hopes to have them available in November.  Ken also indicated he could do the SR&RL caboose decals in Sn2.  In the future we can expect more cars from HOn30 and On2 product lines to be converted to Sn2.

Newsflash – The Mount Blue web site already lists SR&RL Caboose and Boxcar lettering

Railhead Publications

Jim Eakin was there with his Sn2 Diesel conversions.  These can be fitted on HO switcher mechanisms.

Train and Trooper

T&T was absent from the convention even though just a few years ago they imported HOn3 ET&WNC locomotives.  It would seem T&T is no longer a significant player in narrow gauge model railroading.

Train Troll

Train Troll has On2 crossing signs that might be usable for Sn2.

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3 Responses to Sn2 Report – 2011 NNGC in Hickory, NC

  1. David H. says:

    Now that’s a free-mo. I just wish I could have been there to join in.

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