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Sn2 Crew on youtube! The 2014 NMRA Train Show in Cleveland

In July 2014, the Sn2 crew setup at the 2014 NMRA National Convention.  The members failed to take any video, but Jeff Shultz produce a nice video. Jeff produced many other videos from the Train Show and the convention.  Look … Continue reading

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Video description of Sn2 Free-mo modules setup at home

David Keith of the Sn2 Crew has built several Sn2 Free-mo modules.  The modules are modeled following locations on the SR&RL.  A description of his modules is available in this youtube video.  Dave also has a dedicated website call

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Video of Sn2 Crew at 2010 NNGC and interview with Lee Rainey by MRH

During the 2010 National Narrow Gauge Convention, Lee Rainey of the Sn2 crew was interviewed by Model Railroad Hobbyist.  Thanks to MRH for producing nice video and interview.

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Video of Sn2 Crew setup at the 2009 Midwest NG Show in Greenford, OH

Frank Knight captured this video of trains running on the Sn2 setup for the 2009 Midwest NG show in Greenford, OH.

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Video of Art Fahie’s Sn2 Layout – As seen during the 2007 National NG Convention

Art Fahie’s Sn2 layout, Wharf Street, was open during the 2007 National Narrow Gauge convention.  The layout is may be free-lance, but it captures the imagination of many two foot modelers…

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Videos of Sn2 Crew at 2007 National Narrow Gauge Convention

Several videos of the 2007 NNGC Sn2 Crew setup have been published to youtube.  Even though it’s been almost 4 years, it’s good to reflect on them.

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