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Sn2 Free-mo Update – Sherwin Williams paint used for fascia!

The Sn2 Crew member decided to refresh the fascia paint for the 2014 National NMRA train show.  See the Sn2 Free-mo standard for the paint specs.  Consider using a flat version of the paint for ground paint.

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Make an Sn2 Coupler Height Gauge

David Keith provided these images of his coupler height gauge.  He made it by stacking layers of styrene to the under car body height (to measure the under body height on one end) and then adding a couple more layers … Continue reading

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Maine Sn2 Coupler FAQ:

The Sn2 Coupler FAQ provides inquiring minds the details behind the Sn2 coupler standard.  The information below wass captured by Jeff Saxton from various email discussion on the Sn2_Trains email list at yahoogroups. The Sn2 Coupler FAQ; compiled by Dave Keith The … Continue reading

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