HOn3 Mechanisms for building early Forneys

If your considering building an early Forney locomotive you might be interested in this page. The early forney’s would include B&B (Puck and Ariel), SR #1 SR #2, F&M #2/3, KC #1 and possibly others. The Portland locos SR&RL #5, #6, #7 are not included as they are available in Brass.

  • Erie Limited Loco – A bit too small for any true Maine 2-footer, but might work for a WW&F #10
  • LMB HOn3 Outside Frame 0-4-4T – Could be the starting point for F&M #2/3 S.W. Sargent or KC #1
  • MDC 2-8-0 Inside and Outside Framed locos – The inner driver pair might work for the earliest forneys
  • United HOn3 C&S 2-6-0 is nearly perfect for Hinkley Forneys with 30″ drivers and 48″ wheelbase (B&SR #1 & #2, Monson #1 & #2, and F&M #1)

Other Brass locos might work as well. Each would have to be inspected for it’s own merits.

United C&S 2-6-0 minus the rear driver

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PLW – Announces – Eustis depot and Phillips engine house and shops

Portland Locomotive works has announced both the Eustis Junction station and the Phillips enginehouse and shops. Contact PLW if your interested. Gary has indicated to me that the shop complex would be possible as original 5 stall enginhouse or later 10 stall version. The complex will probably be done as a series of three structures rather than forcing the builder to buy all three buildings at one time. There may be an opportunity to have the complex customized to make it fit better in you location. Contact PLW to get official information and show your interest in S-scale version (or O-scale). As with all PLW offerings, these are limited time productions, not likely to be re-run.

Eustis Junction Station – Click on image to go to PLW announcement
Engine house complex – Click on link to see announcement
Progress update on the O-scale version of the car shop. Click on image to go to PLW report
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HO “Scale” Kadee Couplers for Sn2

One of the cheapest and simplest and best looking couplers to install is the KD #153.  Gary White is using the HO #153 short shank “scale” couplers with whiskers from Kadee.  Gary installs the directly on the car without a coupler box.  He uses scale 4″x4″ board on the sides for the whiskers to press against.  The boards simulate the boards on the prototype cars.  Gary clarified how he installs his couplers “I should mention I don’t waste the coupler boxes, I cut them up and saw off the mounting pins and use those with the coupler so there is no shifting around on the mounting screws.”


On the left is a completed installation. On the right is a car with the scale 4″x4″ boards.


Same installations slightly different angle


Two cars with the HO scale couplers installed

For passenger cars, longer shank coupler may used and could be preferred.

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Sergent Couplers for Sn2

If you want the most prototypical looking and operating couplers for your Sn2 train, consider the HO scale Type-E couplers by Sergent Engineering.  Harry Downey has been putting Sergent couplers on his freight cars.  Here are a few photos that he posted on the Sn2Trains@groups.io email group.


This pulp rack has Sergent Couplers


Installation of the Sergent coupler from the bottom. This is the accurail coupler box.  The freight car truck is an HO Tichy Archbar with a narrowed bolster and HOn3 wheelsets.


Two SR&RL freight cars with Sergent Couplers

The Sergent couplers do not operated the same as KD style couplers.  They operate more like the prototype.  They do not auto center, so need to be aligned for couple and they require a magnetic wand to uncouple.  They are not for everyone.  Read more about them on the Sergent Engineering web site.

It might be reasonable to mount them without a box in a similar manner to how Gary White is mounting HO Scale Kadee #153 couplers.  Without the coupler box, there would be more room for truck swing.

In addition to the Type-E Sergent Engineering offers a Sharon coupler.  I’m not sure which is more correct.

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Jerry Wilson Products

In the early 2000’s Jerry Wilson developed a number of products for Sn2 and S-scale in general.  To my knowledge Jerry is not producing any products at this time.WW&F #5 and #6 Passenger Car Kits

He produced a coach and combine for the WW&F.  My memory is that the original kits were Laser cut with Resin roof’s.  Later the whole car might have been resin.

If anyone has photos of these cars, please share with me or on the Sn2Trains.io group

MDC 2-8-0 Conversion Kits and Parts

Jerry cast domes, cabs and such to convert the MDC HOn3 2-8-0 to approximations of SR&RL 2-6-0’s and 2-6-2’s and WW&F #6.  He also  produced a spiral bound book for those who wanted step by step conversion instructions.


Jerry Wilson conversion parts – FYI: Address is no longer good, he has moved.


Two Jerry Wilson cast cabs.

Jerry Wilson 2-6-0 conversion on right. The shay was his own Gilpin style conversion.

Two of Jerry’s in-progress conversions

If you have competed a conversion, please share the photos with me or on the Sn2Trains.io group.


S-scale Wagons

Jerry also produced a set of generic wagons for S-scale (and possibly other scales).  Here are two images of his production models


Jerry Wilson wagon kits. Horses not included


Jerry Wilson water wagon kits. Horses not included.


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PLW – Dead River Station

PLW is currently taking orders for the Dead River station.  Dead River did not only exist in the minds of Hayden and Frary, it was a real place on the SR&RL.  The architecture of this structure is typical of Maine and would probably gook great on any New England based layout.  For those of use modeling the P&R portion of the SR&RL, it is a must have.  PLW is offering it in both S and O scales.  As with most PLW kits, this is a limited time offer.  The production is starting soon, with S-scale could be ready for the 2018 Midwest All-Scales Train Show that PLW puts on (March 2018).  To order, go to the PLW Website

PLW’s Dead River Station

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PLW -Announces SR&RL Caboose #554

Gary Kohler of Portland Locomotive works has announced intent to develop SR&RL caboose #554.  As usual, this will be a limited time offering.  If your interested, send him an email.  Here is his email

we PLAN to start on SR&RL caboose 554 soon.
This is a very unique caboose and was originally an F&M car (yes, there are several photos showing it lettered F&M).
It has never been offered before in any scale – certainly nothing accurate.
We would ask for a show of hands for the OnX and Sn2 versions of this car.
The car had leaf spring arch bar trucks!
Here’s a late teens photo of it at Phillips.
Believe it or not there’s even an interior photo of this car – so, yes, we plan to provide at least a reasonable interior
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DRL’s S-scale Wiscasset Structures


DRL’s S-scale Turner Centre Creamery

Deerfield River Laser (DRL) is now offering Wiscasset Waterfront Structures to accompany it’s S-scale boat offerings.  Even if your not doing the Wiscasset Waterfront, these structures look like they could be used as generic New England structures when placed on a stone foundation.  Checkout the DRL’s S-scale page.


DRL’s S-scale Wiscasset Grain Co.



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SR&RL Flanger 502 by PLW


If the 3D image of SR&RL Flanger 502 looks good to you, now (11/23/2016) is the time to place an order with PLW before it goes into production.   PLW produces kits in limited runs and may never produce a give kit again.

For more information, contact PLW – http://www.portlandlocomotiveworks.com/

Next up on the PLW website looks to be flanger 501….

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PLW – What’s in the works

First of all, Portland Locomotive Works (PLW) has a new web site:  http://www.portlandlocomotiveworks.com/

Also in a recent email, PLW sent out a listing of what it has produced and what is in the works.  Contact PLW for more information

PLW Product Listing

Prebles milk stop: HO, S, O
Kingfield Powder House: HO, S, O
Kingfield Engine house: HO, S, O
Farmington freight office: S, O
Maine wood turntable: S,O
Kingfield girder turntable: HO, S, O
Kingfield Winter store: S, O (coming in HO)
Carrabasset covered station: HO, S, O
White Birch tank: HO, S,O
Standard Maine 2-foot railroad crossing signs
Ball signal: S, O
Monson combine: S, O
SR&RL Laconia combine 11: S,O
SR&RL ./ B&SR Laconia passenger car: S, O
SR&RL snow plow 514: S, O
SR&RL plow 513: S, O
F&M log bunks: S, O
WW&F proposed tank car: S, O
SR&RL fast flats, gons rack cars: S, O
Maine log sled and ox team: HO, S, O
Scale moose (4 different): HO, S, O
SR&RL Loco pilot plows: HO, S, O (will fit Bachmann forney)
Edwards passenger car stove: HO, S, O
Maine 2-foot passenger car seats: S, O
station figure set of 4: S, O (these are our own designed figures)
seated passengers: S,O (our own design to fit our passenger car seats)
Other kits coming, in the works or in process”
Octagonal general store: O
SR&RL flanger 502
B&SR tank cars (both): S, O
Bridgton tank farm: S, O
SR&RL caboose 554
SR&RL MEC built boxcars 121-125 (as built)
F&M / P&R RPO baggage: S, O
SR&RL Rangeley: S, O –
We have many other non narrow gauge products, and some D&RGW 3-foot stuff in the works.
Also have more 4-wheel cars coming – On30/ On3.
Our custom scale pre weathered shingles: various colors, styles.
Scale corrugated siding – yep, no one makes scale corrugated siding!
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