PLW – Announces – Eustis depot and Phillips engine house and shops

Portland Locomotive works has announced both the Eustis Junction station and the Phillips enginehouse and shops. Contact PLW if your interested. Gary has indicated to me that the shop complex would be possible as original 5 stall enginhouse or later 10 stall version. The complex will probably be done as a series of three structures rather than forcing the builder to buy all three buildings at one time. There may be an opportunity to have the complex customized to make it fit better in you location. Contact PLW to get official information and show your interest in S-scale version (or O-scale). As with all PLW offerings, these are limited time productions, not likely to be re-run.

Eustis Junction Station – Click on image to go to PLW announcement
Engine house complex – Click on link to see announcement
Progress update on the O-scale version of the car shop. Click on image to go to PLW report
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