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PLW -Announces SR&RL Caboose #554

Gary Kohler of Portland Locomotive works has announced intent to develop SR&RL caboose #554.  As usual, this will be a limited time offering.  If your interested, send him an email.  Here is his email All   we PLAN to start … Continue reading

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PLW – What’s in the works

First of all, Portland Locomotive Works (PLW) has a new web site: Also in a recent email, PLW sent out a listing of what it has produced and what is in the works.  Contact PLW for more information PLW … Continue reading

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PLW – New Products in Sn2 and On2/On30

Portland Locomotive Works continues to support the Two-Foot market by making more models for Sn2 and On2/On30.  Here are a few new Sn2 products in the works (many of which are also available in On2 and On30 too). Monson Combine … Continue reading

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PLW’s Sn2 products are now available

PLW’s website is now live: Products currently listed and announced: Railroad Crossing Signs F&M 28′ flat cars S-scale shingles Sn2 ties Sn2 Carrabassett depot (announced) Sn2 Monson Combine (announced) Check the website for the latest information.

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Portland Locomotive Works is returning

Portland Locomotive Works (PLW) was a kit manufacturing company back in the 1990’s.  It produced several structures in O, S, and HO.  Eventually the proprietor (Darryl Sleszynski) sold out to Banta Models. Now in 2012, Darryl is joining forces with Gary … Continue reading

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