PLW -Announces SR&RL Caboose #554

Gary Kohler of Portland Locomotive works has announced intent to develop SR&RL caboose #554.  As usual, this will be a limited time offering.  If your interested, send him an email.  Here is his email

we PLAN to start on SR&RL caboose 554 soon.
This is a very unique caboose and was originally an F&M car (yes, there are several photos showing it lettered F&M).
It has never been offered before in any scale – certainly nothing accurate.
We would ask for a show of hands for the OnX and Sn2 versions of this car.
The car had leaf spring arch bar trucks!
Here’s a late teens photo of it at Phillips.
Believe it or not there’s even an interior photo of this car – so, yes, we plan to provide at least a reasonable interior
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