PLW – What’s in the works

First of all, Portland Locomotive Works (PLW) has a new web site:

Also in a recent email, PLW sent out a listing of what it has produced and what is in the works.  Contact PLW for more information

PLW Product Listing

Prebles milk stop: HO, S, O
Kingfield Powder House: HO, S, O
Kingfield Engine house: HO, S, O
Farmington freight office: S, O
Maine wood turntable: S,O
Kingfield girder turntable: HO, S, O
Kingfield Winter store: S, O (coming in HO)
Carrabasset covered station: HO, S, O
White Birch tank: HO, S,O
Standard Maine 2-foot railroad crossing signs
Ball signal: S, O
Monson combine: S, O
SR&RL Laconia combine 11: S,O
SR&RL ./ B&SR Laconia passenger car: S, O
SR&RL snow plow 514: S, O
SR&RL plow 513: S, O
F&M log bunks: S, O
WW&F proposed tank car: S, O
SR&RL fast flats, gons rack cars: S, O
Maine log sled and ox team: HO, S, O
Scale moose (4 different): HO, S, O
SR&RL Loco pilot plows: HO, S, O (will fit Bachmann forney)
Edwards passenger car stove: HO, S, O
Maine 2-foot passenger car seats: S, O
station figure set of 4: S, O (these are our own designed figures)
seated passengers: S,O (our own design to fit our passenger car seats)
Other kits coming, in the works or in process”
Octagonal general store: O
SR&RL flanger 502
B&SR tank cars (both): S, O
Bridgton tank farm: S, O
SR&RL caboose 554
SR&RL MEC built boxcars 121-125 (as built)
F&M / P&R RPO baggage: S, O
SR&RL Rangeley: S, O –
We have many other non narrow gauge products, and some D&RGW 3-foot stuff in the works.
Also have more 4-wheel cars coming – On30/ On3.
Our custom scale pre weathered shingles: various colors, styles.
Scale corrugated siding – yep, no one makes scale corrugated siding!
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