On the workbench: Warren’s got a Sn2 2-8-0


Warren’s Sn2 2-8-0 from an HOn3 brass model.  New domes, cab and a few other parts make for a simple conversion that captures the 2-foot look and yet keeps it unique for his free-lanced logging line.

Warren Judge sent the following photos of the 2-8-0 for his freelanced logging layout.  The model is not 100% complete, but still worthy of looking.  It started out as an HOn3 brass 2-8-0 and got a new cab from Jerry Wilson and new domes too.  At this point, the locomotive will get a new motor and DCC.


The open cab door is a nice touch.  The green color creates a point of interest


Warren extended the width of the tender floor to give the tender the over hanging look


A parting shot of the 2-8-0 conversion

Warren is working on a portable layout.  Hopefully he’ll soon have photos of the 2-8-0 running on the layout.

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5 Responses to On the workbench: Warren’s got a Sn2 2-8-0

  1. cscardinal says:

    What class engine did this start out as?

  2. Warren Judge says:

    Yes it’s a C21 hopefully have it soon to show you guys how she is running on the layout.

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