Sn2 Coupler Height Gauge from Shapeways

Jeremy Jordan has started to design Sn2 products and making them available through shapeways.  His first release is a coupler height gauge.  It looks like a nice product that will result in reliable car and coupler heights.  In his email to the Sn2_Trains yahoogroup he stated that it will fit both Kadee 714 and and Sergent narrow boxes….  Here is is full email text:

I made this for myself, but wanted to pass along this to all that model Sn2. I have an Sn2 coupler and car height gauge for sale on Track to coupler height is 9/32 and it will fit both Kadee 714 and Sergent narrow shank boxes (upside down or the bottom detail sanded off). I have printed this in Frosted Ultra Detail and it looks and works awesome!. Freight car is a Mount Blue Sn2 SRRL box resting (not attached) on Blackstone trucks. 

Shapeways prices are based on printed volume, and this is a bit pricey for what it is, but I didn’t want something that was so light that it flew off the track when touched. 



3D Printed coupler height gauge in use measuring the bottom of the car. Flip it around to check coupler height.

The 9/32″ height equates to 18″ freight car bottom, which is prototype height.  Read more about it on the standards page.


Here is the digital image of the gauge from Shapeways. Gotta like the “SN2” on the side so the purpose is clear.

For those who do not want to purchase a coupler height gauge, I described how to make one in this post –


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