Portland Locomotive Works is returning

Portland Locomotive Works (PLW) was a kit manufacturing company back in the 1990’s.  It produced several structures in O, S, and HO.  Eventually the proprietor (Darryl Sleszynski) sold out to Banta Models.

Now in 2012, Darryl is joining forces with Gary Kohler and others to bring PLW back to life.  They have a list of On2, Sn2, and HOn30 projects in queue.  Here is the “Preliminary Announcement” to the Sn2 (and other) yahoogroup.

Because of the up-coming Springfield show next weekend, we’re making an informal
announcement somewhat prematurely so we can display samples of a number of
upcoming projects that are close to being ready for sale.  I will be drafting a
more detailed announcement in the next few days, but for now I’ll just say that
Portland Locomotive Works is coming out of hibernation in a totally different
incarnation.  Even the corporate details have yet to be finalized, but PLW will
be closely allied with M2FQ Publications and LitCo. and will have a number of
people involved in addition to Gary Kohler and
myself.  Our intent is to utilize the considerable collective expertise the
group possesses in a number of areas to produce innovative products in the
publishing and model manufacturing arenas.  To that end, we have made
significant investments in software and equipment, including a state-of-the-art
laser.  While we’ve only been in shake-down mode learning about the laser for a
month or so, many projects have progressed to the point that we will havetest
results ready to display at Springfield.  That list includes but may not be
limited to the following:

SR&RL grade crossing finial, and possibly the entire grade crossing sign in
7/8n2, 1/2″n2, O scale, S scale, and HO scale.
Carrabasset covered station in S scale
Monson combine in O scale
F&M flatcar in O scale
White Birch Tank in O scale
Strong toothpick clearinghouse in HO scale
Laser-cut, pre-weathered shingles
Test cuts of brick-work, preliminary to starting the buildings in the Phillips

We still have another week, so there’s no telling what else might turn up. 
Everything will be displayed at the M2FQ Publications table on Saturday, January
28th at the Springfield/Amherst show.  The table will be manned by Gary Kohler
and Steve Skodzinsky, and I’ll be wondering around the show with my 11 year old
son Dominic.  Please take a few minutes with any of us for more details.  I
promise we’ll talk your ears off; wild enthusiasm is rampant.  As soon as we can
assemble a brief bio of everyone involved and iron out a few details, I will
post a more detailed announcement.  We look forward to the opportunity to earn
your support by offering the best products in the industry.

Note: we are making every effort to notify all other two-foot manufacturers of
this announcement in advance, but in case we miss anyone, please be assured we
have every intention of communicating with everyone to avoid duplication of
projects that may be under development.

Darryl Sleszynski
Portland Locomotive Works

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