Sn2 Crew – Setup for 2011 NNGC in Hickory, NC

The Sn2 Crew members are preparing to assemble a 20×45′ layout for the 2011 National Narrow Gauge convention in Hickory, North Carolina. Here are the features of the setup:

  • New: Randolph, ME on the KC by Gary Carmichael
  • Lee Rainey’s modules inspired by scenes of the Maine 2-Footers.
  • Frank Knight’s Alna yard and loops
  • David Keith’s scenes of the SR&RL.
  • Configuration:  Loop to loop with a short branch to Bigelow
  • Operation:  Computer controlled trains running between the loops and passing at Alna Yard.  Manually run extras from Bigelow to Randolph and back.
  • New: Randolph, ME on the KC by Gary Carmichael

Proposed Sn2 Crew setup for 2011 NNGC in Hickory, NC. Click on image for full size...

We hope to see you in Hickory….

Sn2 Crew.

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