Sn2 WW&F Box Car Kits from Mount Blue Model Co.

Mount Blue Co. Sn2 WW&F #303 from company website.

The web site of Mount Blue Co. now indicates WW&F boxcars #303 and #309 can be ordered.  This is wonderful news…

Mount Blue Co. Sn2 WW&F #309 from company website.

When asked if these cars were unique on the WW&F roster, some stated so. However, Frank Knight contributed the following information: According to the doc I have there were 3 waycars (302-304) and 14 boxcars (305-312,314-319) in the series. 309 is unique in that the side ladders were removed and replace with grab irons. A couple of the other cars had the sides raised with horizontal boards. I take this to mean, the models are specific to the two numbers they represent, but modelers should be able use the kits to make representations of other WW&F cars in their series.

Scroll down on the products page to order directly from Mount Blue Model Co.

The page above indicates Mount Blue is likely to bring out more Sn2 models. Purchases of the above models are likely to encourage Mount Blue to continue producing more Sn2.

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