Sn2 Crew at 2010 NNGC


Sn2 Crew Layout at 2010 NNGC in St. Louis

About 50% of layout is shown in this image.

Three members of the Sn2 Crew displayed a 23×50′ layout at the 2010 National Narrow Gauge Convention in St. Louis.


Frank, Dave, and Lee stand proudly with the layout

The layout was a U-shaped loop to loop configuration.  It consisted of 33 pieces composed into 17 modules (modules vary from 1-5 pieces or sections). Visitors were able to walk inside the “U” for better visibility.  The track plan below was created by Dave in XTrkCad.  Each module is it’s own group, so that can be connected in any order in the plan.

All modules met the Sn2 free-mo standards for DCC.  It just so happens, that all three members have Lenz, so Lenz was used for the setup.  Frank’s programed the control of the layout using Railroad and Company software.  He would set the railroad running with 3-4 trains.  Trains would park in the loops and meet at the midpoint yard.  The automation made the layout a wonder to display.  Additionally, Dave did some switching on his own modules, dodging the computer scheduled trains.

Several modules by Lee and Dave made their first scenic-ed appearances.


A Mount Blue New England farm house on Lee's free-lanced Head Tide module.

Lee has continued his finely detailed scenery on his new Head Tide module.  This module features several structures along a rutted road.  The road itself attracted many viewers.


Frank Knight takes a break out front of the store after unloading the boxcar #107. Again on Lee’s Head Tide module.
A train arrives at the modern Sheepscot

Trains passed on Frank’s modern day Sheepscot module.  The module represents Sheepscot Station as it appeared in 2008.


The two sections are Dave's Carrabassett River module. The river is a bit dry.

Dave’s modules are all scenes inspired from the Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Railroad as the would have existed around 1912.  The scenes include:  Bigelow, White Birch tank along the Carrabassett River, Mapplewood, Salmon Hole Bridge over the Sandy River in Phillips, and South Strong Junction (inspired by real South Strong, but free-lanced into a junction).  All of Daves modules only contained basic scenery.  Detailed scenery and more structures are to be added before the 2011 NNGC in Hickory, NC.


A short train approaches the Salmon Hole bridge a scene from the SR&RL

The layout displayed a number of Sn2 products.  Including Train and Trooper Forney’s, Mount Blue structures and rolling stock.


Mount Blue farm house and caboose are scene with a T&T forney on one of Frank’s loop modules. The bush hiding the loco is also hiding an optical detector required for the automated control.

The layout was so large, it was hard to capture in photos.


An overall view of the layout, taken from the bottom of the "U". The closest sections to the photographer are the left most sections in the layout diagram above.

Another view of the layout from the bottom of the "U". Lee's town of Head Tide is on the left and Frank's Sheepscot is distant right. Dave's SR&RL modules are far off distant middle.


From the other end (far left on track plan), this image shows a portion of Frank’s loop, Dave’s Carrabassett River, and Bigelow Modules. The other loop is scene in the upper right portion of the image.

Thanks for reading the post about the Sn2 Crew visit to 2010 National Narrow Gauge Convention in St. Louis.  I must say…It’s the layout was better in person!

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