Sn2 Crew – Trackplan for 2011 Midwest NG Show (Greenford, OH)

Updated May 7th 2011.  Here is the final setup trackplan.  The plan shrunk because only Lee Rainey and Frank Knight were able to attend.

Due to dropouts, Lee and Frank were the only Sn2 Crew members to display. Here is the final trackplan that they actually setup. It is roughly 20x30'

The Midwest Narrow Gauge Show will be held March 24-26 2011 in Greenford, OH (

The Sn2 Crew is planning to have a Sn2 Free-mo setup at the event.  Below is the proposed trackplan.  Most of the layout is fully sceniced, the only exception might be Butch Sage’s new Monson Village Module.

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