Sn2 Crew showing at the 2011 Midwest Narrow Gauge Show

The Sn2 Crew made a showing…Actually “Crew” may not be the correct term, it was more of a “Pair”.  Do to personal circumstances 3 of 5 members dropped out, leaving just Lee Rainey and Frank Knight.  None the less, the Sn2 Pair made quite a showing.

Here are a few photos taken by Jim Stewart, Nancy Windes, and Gary Carmichael.  Thanks to our photographers for sharing their images.

The 2012 show is already being planned.  Tentative dates are March 22-24 2012:

A gossip exchange at the station? Lee Raineys Head Tide module (Gary Carmichael Photo)

Overview of Lee Raineys 18 inch by 6 foot Head Tide module (Jim Stewart Photo, Jim also took the overall photo in the header)

Lee has been cultivating a very nice garden at Head Tide (Nancy Windes photo)

The proud Head Tide farmer (Nancy Windes photo)

The farm house at Head Tide is a Mount Blue structure kit (find Mount Blue in manufacturers links on this site). The CR&N (Carrabassett River & Northern) is Lee Raineys freelance Maine two-footer. (Jim Stewart photo)

An overview of the whole Sn2 crew layout. Compare the free-form (Free-mo) shape to that of the HOn30 Great Lakes layout at right. The show seems well attended. (Nancy Windes photo)

The rest of the show. HOn3 free-mo is on the stage at rear, HOn30 Great Lakes is at left and vendors are to the right. (Nancy Windes photo)

A shot of the Sn2 Crew layout from the open end. Frank Knight brings the loops, that enable the layout to be run point to point. (Photo Nancy Windes)Due to dropouts, Lee and Frank were the only Sn2 Crew members to display. Here is the final trackplan that they actually setup. It is roughly 20x30'

Frank Knight is a modern two-foot gauge modeler. His Alna module is modeled after the home of the WW&F museum. Actually, his engine house (railroad shop) was used to show how the expanded full size shop would look. Frank is a volunteer for the museum. (Gary Carmichael photo)

Overview of Franks Alna yard (Jim Stewart photo)

Mooo.... Lee has become an expert on Maine agriculture ....Mooooo... Lee attention to detail really sets the scene for the trains. (Nancy Windes photo)

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