Sn2 Crew: 2008 Dayton NMRA Show

An overall view of the setup by the Sn2 Crew..

Frank Knight and Lee Rainey (The Sn2 Crew) displayed their Sn2 Free-mo modules at the 2008 Dayton Train Show (Nov 1-2). Lee returned to the town he once called home, some 20 years or so earlier. He made the return to support his fellow Mini-Bunch friends in that wonderful town. Lee traveled some 400 miles or so, but Frank came all the way from Maine, traveling 900 miles each way (Sn2 modelers have a passion!)

This was the first multi-owner linear (loop to loop) setup of Sn2 Free-mo, and probably the first Free-mo setup in Southwest Ohio. The setup was monument, but just the start of the Crew hopes to achieve in mass in the future…

All photos on this page were taken by David Keith

View of layout from the end of one loop.

The side of layout facing visitors as they approached.

Distant view of setup, showing the loops…

WW&F #9 races past the men harvesting hay on one of Lee’s curved modules.

The parking lot and shops on the modern WW&F,

Overhead of Franks module.

Franks module, showing the WW&F passenger cars.

A close-up Lee’s cow pasture, which got several comments/queries. The grass is Silfor mat, that Lee painstakingly pulled into independent tuffs

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