Sn2 Free-mo: 2007 National Narrow Gauge Convention – Portland Maine

An overall view of the setup by the Sn2 Crew. All curved modules are by Lee Rainey.


What better place to show off Sn2 Free-mo, than in the heart of 2-Foot country during the 2007 National Narrow Gauge Convention in Portland, ME, an event that included over 1500 NG fans, most of who were 2-foot crazy.

Dubbed the “Sn2 Crew”, the members of this Sn2 set-up did a wonderful job putting forth a great presentation. They pulled together from Maine, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and Colorado.

  • Participation:
    • Lee Rainey
      • Damariscotta Station (4’x18″): Lee Rainey’s Damariscotta station.
      • Eight 45 degree Curved modules: These modules total 180 degrees, enabling the Sn2 Crew to create a loop.
    • Frank Knight: Frank’s Alna module represent the WW&F today! It was a big hit, as most conventioneers could recognize the location. The 3-way stub also captured their attention.
    • Gary White: Gary’s brought three mini-mo’s.
    • David Harmon: Brought a 30″ long creamery module, all the way from Colorado, as carry-on luggage.
    • David Keith: David brought several pieces of rolling stock to operate on the layout.
    • Matt Sharpe: Provided rolling stock for display at Alna..

The members of the Sn2 Crew should be applauded for what they accomplished in such a short period of time. Considering what the modules looked like in April and what they look liked during the show. Also consider that Dave Harmon and Frank Knight had never met any other member of the crew prior to the convention…

WW&F #7 hauls pulpwood past the potato field and sheep on one of Lee’s corner modules

Frank Knight standing behind his Alna module. Modern narrow gauge!

SR&RL Railbus #4 cruses through the fields on Lee’s corner modules.

WW&F #7 works hard pulling SR&RL pulpwood racks past the men harvesting hay.

A close up of Lee Rainey’s hay harvest module.

David Harmen’s high flying creamery. Nice work by the junior member of the crew

An overview of Frank’s Alna module.

A close-up of Matt’s equipment sitting on the Alna module. Frank built the critter sitting to the right. It is sitting on a Grandt HOn3 GE Boxcab mechanism.


Lee Rainey’s Damariscotta Station module is what the visitors saw when the walked into the module display room. Below is a tour around the layout, that starts with Lee’s Damariscotta module and proceeds around to the right.

The following images provide a tour of the layout as setup be the Sn2 crew….All images on this page were taken by Gary White, Frank Knight, or Jeff Bissonette…Enjoy.

Damarascotta is a free-lanced station. It includes the Bigelow station (SR&RL) and Week’s Mills freight house (WW&F). Lee added significant detail to his module.

SR&RL Railbus #4 (A T&T Brass import) pulls the trailer past the creamery


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