Sn2 Free-mo: 2006 Midwest NG Show

The narrowtracks website is going off-line.  For posterity sake, I’m making a few posting to record history.

An overall view of the Free-moSn2 setup. Most of the 27′ of modules are visible.  Dean Odiorne (right) views Lee Rainey’s (left) Damariscotta Station module.

The 2006 Midwest NG show was the second Sn2 Free-mo setup. This year’s set up had five participants (3 more than last year) and proved to be great milestone on the way to establishing a setup for the Portland 2007 National Narrow Gauge Convention.

  • Participation:
    • Lee Rainey
      • Damariscotta Station (4’x18″): Lee Rainey’s Damariscotta station module had completed trackwork and structures and basic scenic forms. Full wiring.
      • Four 45 degree Curved modules: Lee actually brought several more, but there was not sufficient room to set them all up.
    • Seven Arnold: Steven brought a 3 section set representing the Phillips toothpick mill. All trackwork was in and operating. At roughly 9 feet long, Steve’s sections make an impressive module, we look forward to the addition of the actual mill structure. Sadly, I do not have any good photos of the module and track arrangement (In the photo above, Steve’s sections are the siding and spurs that appear behind Damariscotta Station
    • Gary White: Gary brought a single 4′ module with S-curve and coopers tank.
    • James Sullivan: James brought a 4′ module under construction, that was not part of the actual setup.
    • David Keith: David brought several pieces of rolling stock to operate on the layout.
  • Planning for Portland 2007
    • Cordinator: Lee Rainey will be cordinating the setup at the 2007 National NG Convention. To learn more about the event and Sn2 Free-mo consider joining the Sn2_Trains yahoogroup.
    • Location: The plan is to share a room with T&T.
    • Theme – Maine 2-Foot inspired setup, with all scenery to represent New England.
    • Plan: Lee is planning an oval (loop) for continuous run, and a branch to a location. A proposed plan is to be submitted to T&T by June. If your considering a module for Portland, it is recommended that you make the length multiple of 4 feet.
    • DCC: The objective of the setup is to show Sn2 with all of it’s potential. Thus the plan is to use DCC.
    • More: Many more details of the 2007 event were discussed, for more details join the Sn2_Trains list on yahoogroups.
  • Future Events
    • 2007 MWNG Show: The 2007 MWNG Show is the next setup. This will be the last significant setup before Portland in 2007. All participants planning to provide modules should consider coming to this event. For the 2007 MWNG show, all modules should have the final wiring all trackwork should be in operation as well. Scenery is not required, but consider having the ballast installed (as it effect final trackwork).

SR&RL #6 Hauls the train past the corn field and sheep on Lee’s corner modules

Gary White’s Coopers Mills tank

An overall view of the Damariscotta Station module.

A close up of Lee Rainey’s Damariscotta station.

Lee’s covered water tank, located at the end of one of his curved modules.





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