Sn2 Crew to be at Springfield, MA show January 26 & 27

If any of you will be at the Springfield, Mass show this weekend (Jan 26-27 2013) you can take in a double exposure to S-scale free-mo.

First of all 3 members of the Sn2 crew will have a layout setup.  It will feature some of the best in Sn2 modeling in a free-mo form.

Secondly, the S-scale workshop will be displaying a free-mo setup.  The S-scale workshop is coming down from Canada, so do not miss the opportunity.  Their modeling is also first rate.  Like the Sn2 Crew, all modules follow the same theme, so the scenery has a consistent look from module to model.

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1 Response to Sn2 Crew to be at Springfield, MA show January 26 & 27

  1. Trevor says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, David. Much appreciated.
    Anybody looking for information (including location info at Springfield) can check the S Scale Workshop blog:

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