Memory lane – GDT #4 a shay

Most of us, modeling in Sn2, are inspired by Maine 2-Foot prototypes, but not all.  In 2000 Darel Leedy was building a Gilpin inspired Sn2 layout that he called the Gilpin District Tramway.  While the layout is gone, it need not be forgotten as the equipment he built for the layout was quite nice.  The images and text below were provided by Darel back in 2000.


GDT #4 is a modified HOn3 PFM Benson Shay

The HOn3 MDC shay is actually way too large to represent Gilpin shay #5 in Sn2. I’ve found that a PFM Benson Shay is a much closer match to #’s 4 and 5.  In fact, very little needs to be done. Removal of the air pump, tanks and related piping, the bunker, and a few other parts. And the addition of S scale parts such as headlight, bell and other details. The model sports a rather large cab for HOn3. The cabs on Gilpin Shays were very tiny, and no major modification is really necessary. Problem with these models is price. Oh yes, plan on adding a can motor and NWSL gear set if you plan to actually use the thing. The PFM Cowichan Shay is basically the same model.

A look at the smokebox details of the Sn2 shay

A look at the smoke box details of the Sn2 shay

The HOn3 cab looks good for this Sn2 model

The HOn3 cab looks OK for this Sn2 model

The fuel bunker is topped off with coal

The fuel bunker is topped off with coal

At the time of this post Darel is modeling the C&S town of Dickey in Sn3.

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