PLW Announcement – Wood Turntables

In recent months, Portland Locomotive Works (PLW) has been producing a number of products for the Sn2 modeler (and HOn30 and On2/30).  Here are some of the recent releases and in manufacture products for Sn2

  • Monson Combine and like coach (check PLW for availability)
  • SR&RL Passenger Cars 17 & 18 (limited production, shipped, sold out?)
  • SR&RL Kingfield 3-Stall Engine house (sold out? in manufacturing)
  • Maine Moose – Yes, the animals (check PLW for availability)
  • SR&RL Plows 513 & 514 (check PLW for availability)

Coming soon, PLW will be taking reservations

Sn2 wood turntable design by PLW

Sn2 wood turntable design by PLW

  • SR&RL Wood turntable (WW&F and a similar turntable).  Wood frame to be provided PLW is trying to determine if a spider can be provided.
  • SR&RL Kingfield girder turntable (in planning)
  • SR&RL Steel Turntables (in consideration)
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