PLW – Log buggies in development

Gary Kohler and crew of Portland Locomotive Works continue to work on more projects.  I say more, because in the past 18 months or so, they have released passenger cars, Kingfield Engine house, wood turntables, flangers, Farmington freight office, and more.  Most of these are very limited run.  So one must contact Gary to know what’s coming.

The most recent project in development is the SR&RL/F&M(or is it Eustis) log bunks.  Currently the On2 are in development and the Sn2 will follow.

PLW On2 log bunk prototype

PLW On2 log bunk prototype

The model features laser cut wood frame, 3D printed journals, 3D printed bunk, 3D printed link and pin couplers.  He plans to provide wheelsets too.  It’s likely the Sn2 version will use KD wheelsets.  The poles between cars are to be a 3D print too.

The cars tended to run as unit trains with a flat car at the beginning and end of the string of cars.  The flats would have a bunk on them too.

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