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On the workbench: Warren’s got a Sn2 2-8-0

Warren Judge sent the following photos of the 2-8-0 for his freelanced logging layout.  The model is not 100% complete, but still worthy of looking.  It started out as an HOn3 brass 2-8-0 and got a new cab from Jerry … Continue reading

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Sn2 Coupler Height Gauge from Shapeways

Jeremy Jordan has started to design Sn2 products and making them available through shapeways.  His first release is a coupler height gauge.  It looks like a nice product that will result in reliable car and coupler heights.  In his email to … Continue reading

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PLW announcement – Feb 8 2016

Portland Locomotive Works continues to announce limited run products.  Here is today’s announcement.  Contact Gary Kohler soon if you have interest.  It’s not clear if the boxcars are Sn2. All   PLW will be working on and planning a late … Continue reading

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PLW – Log buggies in development

Gary Kohler and crew of Portland Locomotive Works continue to work on more projects.  I say more, because in the past 18 months or so, they have released passenger cars, Kingfield Engine house, wood turntables, flangers, Farmington freight office, and … Continue reading

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PLW Announcement – Wood Turntables

In recent months, Portland Locomotive Works (PLW) has been producing a number of products for the Sn2 modeler (and HOn30 and On2/30).  Here are some of the recent releases and in manufacture products for Sn2 Monson Combine and like coach … Continue reading

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Sn2 Free-mo Update – Sherwin Williams paint used for fascia!

The Sn2 Crew member decided to refresh the fascia paint for the 2014 National NMRA train show.  See the Sn2 Free-mo standard for the paint specs.  Consider using a flat version of the paint for ground paint.

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Make an Sn2 Coupler Height Gauge

David Keith provided these images of his coupler height gauge.  He made it by stacking layers of styrene to the under car body height (to measure the under body height on one end) and then adding a couple more layers … Continue reading

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PLW – New Products in Sn2 and On2/On30

Portland Locomotive Works continues to support the Two-Foot market by making more models for Sn2 and On2/On30.  Here are a few new Sn2 products in the works (many of which are also available in On2 and On30 too). Monson Combine … Continue reading

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Sn2 Crew – Images from 2014 National Trainshow in Cleveland

The 2014 NMRA National Convention and National Train Show were in Cleveland, OH.  The Sn2 Crew took the opportunity to setup at the Train Show.  The Train Show took place in the new Cleveland Convention Center.  Quite a nice venue, … Continue reading

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Sn2 Crew on youtube! The 2014 NMRA Train Show in Cleveland

In July 2014, the Sn2 crew setup at the 2014 NMRA National Convention.  The members failed to take any video, but Jeff Shultz produce a nice video. Jeff produced many other videos from the Train Show and the convention.  Look … Continue reading

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